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Top 8 Highest Paying URL Shortener Companies - Best URL Shorteners to Earn Fast

Presently Making Money from Blog is not as simple; hence all it obliges high volume of targeted traffic. As I discussed about short URLs and some tools that are proving short URLs for free, In tis post I am going to tell you some easy money making method simply by using and promoting these short URL tools. Well Url shortening is a system that is utilized as a part of which a supplier makes the site page accessible for short URL (join) notwithstanding the original long URL. This is something very not quite the same as profiting from Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Direct Ads. That is the reason now everybody can procure nice pay out by using the paid URL shortener tools. There are such a large number of points of interest of doing URL Shortening, Suppose your site is giving download links to the files, then you can make some extra income by using these URL shorteners effortlessly. 

Other method is that All you have to do is to enter your long, ugly, or affiliate links in these url shortener sites and consequently make your short and lovely url totally free.

How URL Shortener Services Actually Works To Earn Cash?
Simply, These URL shorteners system will work as a medium to publishers and advertisers on the web. Presently Every time somebody clicks on the weblink that you have abbreviated, you will get paid, numerous destinations pay around $4 - 9 for 1000 guests that you bring to your weblink. The individual who is opening the link is to hold up for 5-10 seconds so as to visit to the real link. This is how both advertisers and publisher will get benefited.

Here I am sharing some shortening website from which you may earn some cash.

1. is shorten urls company one of the best known trustfully custom URL Shortener Service which is more popular among the users. It is very simple to use, if you are WordPress blogger then you can use its free plugin to increase your earnings. If you are interested in this service then join by clicking here. pays it's publishers upto $9 for 1000 views, referral rate is 20%, withdrawal options are Payoneer, Paypal and WebMoney and Minimum payout is $5. 

2. Linkshrink

It is simplest and fastest way to earn online income using Linkshrink, with this network you can make earning accurately by shrinking your links in a very short time. As it is more flexible and comfortable for both advertisers and publishers, so hurry up to get started with Linkshrink:

Linkshrink pays it's users upto $9 for 1000 views, referral rate is 20%, withdrawal options are Paypal, Bitcoin and Payza and Minimum payout is only $5. 


Ouoio is another fastest growing Link shortener ad Network with amazing features. Ouoio offer upto $7/1000 visits and they guaranties for minimum $1.50 for 1000 views. Minimum Payout is $5 via PayPal and Payza, referral rate is 20%Why to wait just sign up now for this network to earn money.

4. was launched last year and made a good reputation in the market. Though is pretty new as compared to above mentioned URL shorteners but it is run and maintained by a experienced staff. also offers the same competitive minimum payout of $5 with daily payment terms. In terms of payout rates and monetization tools this URL shortener also not lags behind. It offers above average rates which let you easily reach your minimum payout limit. pays it's publishers upto $9 for 1000 views, referral rate is 10%, withdrawal options are Paypal, Payoneer, Payza and WebMoney and Minimum payout is only $5. 

5. Linkbucks

Linkbucks url shorten website became more popular by its best service and have already paid 1.2 Million USD Dollars to its users while started over 5 years ago. It is more trustful website as same as to all above companies. So you should join linkbucks.

Linkbucks pays it's Publishers upto $7 for 1000 views, referral rate is 20%+multilevel, withdrawal options are Paypal, Payoneer and Payza and Minimum payout is only $5. 

6. is one of the best and old short URL advertising companies now it also has popup and banner ads, have millions of users registered on its network. It gives its users best high paying rates as compare to others. It is safe and suitable for both publishers and advertisers. Its minimum payout rate is 5 dollars only; its mean when you will reach your minimum payment threshold, then you will be paid. It has many more other features, to join this network click here. pays it's publishers upto $10 for 1000 views, referral rate is 20%, withdrawal options are Payoneer, Paypal and Payza and Minimum payout is only $5. 

7. is a latest unconventional URL shortening service which allows you to make money online by simply sharing your links and use on your blog or send them to others. It has decent user rates and best for minimum payment threshold. Join pays it's publishers upto $12 for 1000 views, referral rate is 20%, withdrawal options are Payoneer, and Paypal and Minimum payout is only $10. 

8. is another new URL shortener which was launched last year but it is offering high rates and premium services. It pays its users on biweekly basis and minimum payout on it is only $5. It offers a huge variety of tools that you can use to maximize your link earnings. It offers multiple payment options for easy withdrawals of earnings. pays it's Publishers upto $7 for 1000 views, referral rate is 20%, withdrawal options are Paypal and Payza and Minimum payout is only $5. 

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