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5 Best Ad Networks for Publishers with Easy Approval & Best Ad Networks For Low Traffic Websites

Check here the best ad networks with Quick Approval for Bloggers with no minimum requirements.

1. RevenueHits

There are people who swear by blogging and make money more than any corporate jobs. Only way they earn more than any person working for a corporate firm is only with help of ads. One of best ad network available in market is Revenuehits, which has actually helped many bloggers earn more than they ever thought.

Unlike any ad network, Revenuehits is actually a performance based ad network, being a CPA based ad network, it pays for every eCPM, which has helped many bloggers  to make money only by blogging.

2. Bidvertiser
Offering intriguing ad formats, Bidvertiser has helped many web based marketing firms to ensure success of their sites. which lets the web designer specify look and text of ads without any hassle. You will also find that Bidvertiser also supports XML feeds and Pop-under ads, which creates a beneficial loop for web based marketing firm.

3. Chitika
Closely associated with Yahoo, this ad company is one of best in terms of size of network and revenue generation. With its “Click Prediction” technology, it is able to inform the publishes, which ads will generate more traffic & revenue.

4. Infolinks
In order to get best out of Infolinks, you will need to make sure that your site is getting most of traffic. This ad network provides 4 different types of advertisements posting like Inframe, Intext, Intag & Infold. Now all these types have their own way of serving ads.
  • Inframe: This helps your blog by showing sliding ads on the site’s sidebars.
  • Intext: This will double underline keywords in your site content so whenever the mouse cursor reaches on the keyword, the ad will be shown.
  • Intag: This actually advertise a double underlined keyword below your content, which is shows relevant ad every time the cursor reaches there. 
  • Infold: This type of ad gives user relevant ads as per the keywords they have searched before they visit your blog or site.
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5. Qadabra

Qadabra also known as AdsGadget in past, this ad network is one of best Self-serve Ad Platform in market. This platform has enabled many people to earn considerable revenue in blogging through eCPM.

One of the best features of Qadabra is that there is no need for any approval. All you need to do is sign up and register.
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