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5 Best CPM Ad Networks, CPM Ad Networks for Small Publishers - cpm based ad networks

Are you searching for some solid methods to Earn Money from your website?. Try CPM publisher ad networks.

CPM ad network main attraction is you can make money from each impression. So you don’t needs to get your ad clicked by your visitors to make money. You will get paid for each 1000 impressions.

Here is list of best CPM ad company for your website/blog. Some of these networks accepts small publishers. However, keep in mind that you can make money only when your website receives huge traffic.

Most of these network pays well for your Canada/US/UK traffic.

1) Propeller Ads: 

From past few time Propeller Ads is becoming very popular ad network. Propeller Ads offers various adverting options of publisher and advertiser like Pop-Under ads, Banner ads, Mobile Adverting etc. They offer some of the best CPM rates in the industry. I have seen publisher making good money with Propeller Ads, go ahead and join them to improve your website earning.

2) Epom

With Epom Advertising Solution you can easily monetize all kinds of traffic e.g. Display, video and mobile. Epom Publishers can easily add or delete various custom multiple placements. These allow you to experiment with ad campaigns and, as a result, get a higher CTR.

3) Popcash

Popcash Identified as popunder advertising network, Popcash accepts publishers from all over the country and offers ads for all countries. Moreover, the advertisements are having very good rates and Popcash offers daily payments. If your visitors don’t mind pop-up advertisements, we recommend you to give it a try. 

3) AdCash 

AdCash is less like a CPM network and more like a traditional affiliate program. Your success (CPM rates) depends on how well traffic you send performs. You can choose a program to promote. It is best suited for entertainment website. Minimum payout is €25 which is done via Skrill, Net30, PayPal and Wire Transfer. 

5) ContextWeb (PulsePoint)
          Publisher Requirement  None
          Payment Frequency      net 45
          Minimum threshold        50$
          Payment methods         Check and PayPal

Datran Media and Contextweb are now PulsePoint. ContextWeb is a best CPM ad network for small as well as large publishers. publishers will get paid on monthly, net 45 basis. There is no minimum publisher size. They will also accept small publishers, Minimum threshold is 50$.

6). Lijit
          Publisher Requirement  None
          Payment Frequency      Monthly
          Minimum threshold        25$
          Payment method           PayPal

Lijit ad company is part of Federated Media publishing company. Lijit offers contextual ad based on site/blog content. They will review publisher website and only accept site with good content. They have an excellent reporting system and they provide free analytics for monitoring traffic.

7) KillerPops.com 
KillerPops is growing steadily to be one of the better Pop-under ad network in the industry. They have good eCPM for top geo countries and you can earn over $8 CPM with them. They have pretty decent and easy to use system for both publishers and advertisers, 

8) Advertising.com
        Publisher Requirement   Site need huge traffic
        Payment Frequency       Monthly
        Minimum threshold         25$
        Payment method            Check

this is a devision of AOL networks, it is one of  top CPM based networks. this company ads should fit with your website, have relevance to your reader, and pay you appropriately.

9) ValueClick Media
       Publisher Requirement   3000 page views per month
       Payment Frequency        Monthly
       Payment methods           Check, Direct Deposit and PayPal
       Minimum threshold        25$
this ad network accepts site with more than 3000 page views. They won’t accept free hosted sites/blog. ValueClick Media will approve only high quality websites/blogs.

10) Technorati Media
       Publisher Requirement    Various factors
       Minimum threshold           50$
       Payment Frequency        Net60
       Payment methods           Check and PayPal

This ad network looks at a variety of factors when reviewing a site. Some of these include website traffic rank, quality, content and category, visitor demographics. CPM rate is also good.

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