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8 Tips to increase Infolinks Revenue - How to Increase Infolinks Earning, how to increase Infolinks ecpm,

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Earn lot of money with infolinks in-text advertising with Best methods; Make money to monetize your existing text and website background. Get paid through Payoneer, Western Union and PayPal! Infolinks is leader of in-text advertising network; it is most used advertising network for that purpose. It is the solution for webmasters who want to increase site earning with few ads; You can make money huge money with Infolinks without over-use of banners. Infolinks payments are made through PayPal, Payoneer, ACH and Western Union, on NET-45. It is a best advertising network for bloggers and webmasters to monetize their sites. Here is a few reasons why Infolinks is a great choice:
  • it is ready to monetize your mobile traffic.
  • Flexible payment methods (4+ ways).
  • You can expect to reach payment threshold easily ($50 minimum).
  • relevant advertising ( more interactions).
  • earning even when reader use banner ad blocker.
  • high eCPM ( more revenues).
  • it monetizes even your site background.

Payment methods

Payment is made on Net-45. You get paid at $50 minimum payment through PayPal, Payoneer,  ACH and eCheck. You get paid via Wire transfer and Western Union when your account balance reach $100.

Earn huge money with infolinks through smart methods

We all know what is infolinks, what is recommend and how can we get paid, now let’s see how we can increase revenues.

First, Infolinks is simple. You just add a simple line of JavaScript code in your source code; your setting will apply and your blog/website will start generating you money. Sometimes, it takes a week to start make money; this is the time to analyze your kind of content. So, to make money it is simple; but what if we want huge money from infolinks?

1) Effective Use of On/Off Tags

think you have seen Infolinks ads on header and footer on some of the websites and blogs.By default infolinks place their ads on header and footer regions of blogs.Avoid using infolinks on header and footer regions because users don't get into footer and click ads. Right ???

So what you have do is customize your infolinks ads.But the tricks lies in place of tags given on correct positions.Place off tag at unnecessary places where you don't want infolinks to display their ads.Insert this tag after</head> section.


Now Place the the below code to enable ads where the content is relevant to your ads


In this way you can increase your ECPM of Infolinks where placement of ads vary for each template.

2) Increases revenues from top tiers traffic

Because advertisers bid higher for tier 1 nations ( USA, UK, Canada), try to get more traffic from those countries.

3) Write around high paying Infolinks Keywords and high CTR Keywords

As i said, revenue you get depend on keywords as well. It is an in-text ad network, so, words matter. High paying keywords are around:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Educational Loans
  • Reward Cards
  • Online Degree
  • Money Making
Still, any kind of site belong Infolinks categories will find high paying advertise.

4) Use of Dotted Lines

Use Dotted lines instead of Double lines to increase your infolinks.Because people are irritated by clicking on such Double lines and almost their focus never go to click on double lined ads.

4) Customize Text Color

According to your blog template and background test the color which increase your infolinks eCPM as well as infolinks earnings.I personally use Orange color to my infolinks ads.Based on your earnings test all the colors which suits your blog and increase your infolinks earnings.According to my template i use orange color for monetizing my blog.

5) Content and Niche

Content is the important factor for every blog.You need to have atleast 700 words + article to use the ads effectively.Based on your niche you have to search for profitable keywords which have high CPC. Good niche + Best Keywords = More Earnings

5) Get high quality source traffic 

I found that in-search ads generates more earning; it is shown when traffic come from high quality traffic sources such as Google plus comunity, Google search, goo.gl shortened link, reddit and so on… use these site to get traffic to your website and boost your website revenue. It is also recommended to turn on in-search for your website on infolinks.

There is no minimum traffic/page views required for joining infolinks. You can apply if your website has more than 15 pages. I got rejected once and then got accepted by using cloudflare; so, i would recommend speeding your website through cloudflare to get more than performance benefit; it has a free plan (now i am using that).

6) Use and Test of types of infolinks ads

As we know infolinks provide 4 types of ads intext , inframe , intag ,infold. According to your niche check by implementing all 4 types of ads or enabling only 2 types of ads.As I said more ads can annoy your visitors .But if your blog is not tech related you can enable all types of ads to maximize your infolinks revenue.

7) Related Tags 

This point must increase Infolinks earnings very well. Infolinks study says, 30% revenue improvement possible by related tags above the fold on each post. I don’t use this on my blog, because I’m focusing on Google adsense above the fold, which is performing well. I do not want to add Infolinks related tags and confuse my readers or take away adsense clicks.

8) Proper Category 

Select the proper category related to your blog content, this will help to display very related and interested ads for your readers. It helps to get high payout ads and increase the CTR.

Additional Tip for increase infolinks revenue: Organic traffic can increase infolinks earnings rather than social media traffic.So gain organic traffic by doing Keyword research to your blog.Choose Your related niche category while applying for infolinks.


I think now you have a clear idea of optimization of infolinks ads and increase your infolinks earnings.If you have any doubts regarding the post your comment here or give your feedback after implementation of this in your blog.

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