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Bidvertiser Review, Best ad network for publishers- Bidvertiser earnings and Payment Proof

Bidvertiser is one of the oldest ad network company, in this post i will give a long detail and review on Bidvertiser then you can know about this ad company and also join for this. An ad Network is important for Bloggers for making money with websites/blog. 

Many bloggers want to know that what is Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser is a ad company who is brows for software sites. If you have a Game or software site you can make money from Bidvertiser you can add ads between download button.When visitors want to download software he surely click on ad and Bidvertiser pay you pay-per-click.
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How Bidvertiser Works?
This ppc network offers many different types of advertisements like Banners, Inline, Buttons ads. Bidvertiser offers a Toolbar, that Toolbar allows viewers to see advertisements. using this toolbar you can increase your earning.

Bidvertiser Vs Adsense
Bidvertiser is a great adsense alternative that can be used in conjunction with Adsense, some of the Bidvertiser ads do look similar to Adsense but you can customise these ads to amend that. Bidvertiser offer you the opportunity to bring in a decent income with the toolbar but generally have a lower pay out rate than Adsense for PPC. Although this is meant to increase with time the longer you stay with them – we haven’t noticed this yet.

Bidvertiser Review


  • Reporting within the Bidvertiser site is quite basic and doesn’t give a lot of information on number of impressions or on click through rates
  • Ads aren’t always relevant to the content if you are targeting a small niche
  • Not very high pay out rates per click (this might only be the case with our chosen niches)
  • Bidvertiser pay once in a month

  • Sign up process is painless and Bidvertiser review your site with instant account approval
  • Pay Per Click is sometimes more than 2$.
  • Ads will instantly apear once code is added to your site, once this happens advertisers will be able to start bidding to advertise with you
  • Disable of account is quite rare.
  • Easy installation that requires an HTML code to be added to your webpages
  • The toolbar can be altered in appearance to work with the look of your site 
  • It is easy to change the appearance of the ads with a point and click tool
  • XML Search Feed available, works well on web apps, in-test search results and on parked domains

Bidvertise is legit?
Thousands of publishers and advertisers associated with Bidvertiser for somany years with good relationship and making money and paying money from Bidvertiser and for Bidvertiser. Important thing is i received $1100 in 2 months that Bidvertiser sent me through Paypal.

How to Earn More Money with Bidvertiser
There is no specific for making more money from Bidvertiser, because it’s a Pay Per Click Network, earlier later they have started providing, popup ads, full screen shot also. 

Okay, here I am going to share with you tips and tricks those are really helpful for getting more clicks that’s why you can earn more money with the same traffic you are getting on your blog.

Here are few tips and tricks for you

  • In Between the Blog Post 
One of the amazing place to place code of ads network, because if you are providing great content in your blog post then probability of getting more traffic is much more and more traffic means more click, yes the important in this area about 100% readers see ads, means a golden way to get more clicks and more clicks equals more revenue. 

  • At the Bottom of the Blog Post 
Very good area where readers eyes move on about %80 times so, the same thing is here, if readers will see ads related to blog posts content, more important, if the ads is related to readers choice then click rate would be much higher I have notice sometimes its more than 20% also, that is CTR rate, the full form of CTR rate is Click Through Rate. 

  • Below Title of the Blog Post 
One of the best place for getting more clicks is putting ads below blog post title, because almost 99% of your blog readers must see that area, that means if the advertiser company showing ads relevant to your blog post content then getting clicks in much easier. 

  • Side Bar
One the side bar readers attention about %60 times, another good opportunity for you, if you are promoting affiliate product then you can ad there a affiliate marketing product related link to get clicks and most of the time it converts very well. 

Bidvertiser Payment Methods?
Bidvertiser provide payment via PayPal, Skrill, MoneyBookers, Western Union cheque or by wire. Payment is made 30 days after your reach the minimum amount. This is $10 with PayPal, PayPal, Skrill and MoneyBookers, $100 by cheque and $500 by wire. If you have earned less than the minimum payment your balance is carried over to the following month.

Earnings are tracked in a very clunky reporting system that ideally needs to provide more information.

Stats Reporting System: 
Bidvertiser offers a very good reporting system where you can see all the necessary details about your ads performance. It shows stats for all of your banners and also offers various filters that you can use to breakdown your reports. The only con in their reporting system is that it updates once in a day, so, if you want to see the stats of today then you have to wait for a day to see it, that is, you can see it on tomorrow.

Referral Program: 
Like other ad networks Bidvertiser also offers a good referral program which is for both advertiser and publisher.
  • If you refer a publisher and when he/she first earns 10$ then your account will be credited with 10$. And, when the same publisher earns 50$ then your account will be credited with additional 40$.
  • If you refer an advertiser and when he/she spends first 10$ then your account will be credited with 10$. And, when the same advertiser spends 50$ then your account will be credited with additional 20$.

Ad Formats:
Leaderboard ( 728 x 90)
Vertical Rectangle ( 240 x 400)
Wide Skyscraper ( 160 x 600)
Full Banner ( 468 x 60)
Vertical Banner ( 120 x 240)
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
Half Banner ( 234 x 60)
Rectangle ( 180 x 150)
Large Rectangle ( 336 x 280)
Skyscraper ( 120 x 600)
Mobile Ads ( 300×50)
Square Button ( 125 x 125)
Half Page Ad ( 300 x 600)

How to Sign Up?
  • Click on below given "Join Now." button
  • Click on "Join Now. – It’s FREE!" button present in the middle of the homepage. 
  • Sign up form will appear. Input your information correctly. Give your best E Mail
  • They will send you an Activation Code to your Email. 
  • Open your Email and click on Activation Link or Confirmation Link
  • Now your Bidvertiser account is Ready.

                                              Thinking Of Joining This Network

Bidvertiser Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPC, PPCBanner Ads
Ad Formats: Banner ads, Slider ads
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Frequency: Within 30, Monthly
Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire, Check, Western Union
Network Popularity: High
Alexa Rank: 880 (10/01/2015)
Google PageRank: 5/10 (10/01/2015)
Requirement/Restrictions: Adult content sites are not allowed. For more info see their terms.
Website URL: http://bidvertiser.com


Bidvertiser is a good legit network to make money online from blogs or website, if you are still not using Bidvertiser then start using it, to make money from advertising networks, I know there are many ads network those promising that they are best, but I for Bidvertiser work superb.

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