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Infolinks Review and Infolinks Earning Tips - Best Alternative For Google Adsense

Infolinks is a very popular In-Text advertising network. It was started in 2007 with a goal to overcome the conventional banner advertising with their innovative intelligent platform that analyzes content in real time and avoids the banner blindness by displaying ads in non-traditional but in an effective way. Infolinks provides some non-conventional ad formats that don’t occupy any space on your website, which means if you want to show some banner ads on your website then you can show them along with Infolinks ads.

Infolinks doesn’t have any issues with any other ad network, so, you can use it with other ad networks as a complimentary unit including Google Adsense. Before going aany further, let me clear a misconception about Infolinks, some people think that Infolinks script slows down websites, which is not true. Infolinks script loads after your website loads completely, so, there is no way that it can slow your website. The other thing is, their script is very fast loading which loads in milliseconds, so, i think there is no question about its fastness. I have personally used this network on one of my site for few months and quiet easily reached the minimum payout because of the high CPM rates that Infolinks offers. infolinks secreate tips to earn infolinks for bloggers infolinks vs kontera add infolinks to blogger infolinks ad network how to put info links on blogger affiliate links for bloggers infolink mobile How To Increase Infolinks Earnings Powerful Tips To Increase Infolinks Earnings How to Increase Revenue from Infolinks

What is Infolinks? Why you should prefer infolinks over Adsense? 

Infolinks is a Top advertising platform that offers various advertising products for Publishers, Advertisers and companies. The best thing about infolinks I liked that it delivers various advertising products like inframe, intext, intag and inframe to overcome banner blindness.

And that’s why… Adsense receives very less percentage of click as generally, people ignore still banners.

Infolinks is the best source of Bloggers and website owners to monetize their blog and for the advertisers to reach their targeted audience. Isn’t it amazing?

Infolinks was started in 2007 and since then it’s considered to be the best advertising platform to deliver maximum revenue to its publishers and best level targeted audience for its visitors.

1. Easy Approval 
Yes, It’s true ! Getting Infolinks approval is a child’s play. They don’t have any strong terms and conditions as compared to adsense. Now, there is no need to wait long long days to get a reply from adsense.

2. Maximum Monetization 
Generally, People ignore the still banners as according to my experience. Infolinks offers various ad products to overcome banner blindness and improve user engagement on your site. Users will get more data related to your keywords and niche so they would love to visit your site over and again.

3. Easy Funds Withdrawal 
Infolinks delivers easy funds withdrawal facility through various sources. Now, you need not to wait for cheque for long long days. You can withdraw your funds through any of the below mentioned sources:-
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • ACH ( For U.S citizens Only)
  • Bank Wire
  • Echeck
  • Western Union
It takes no longer than 45 days to make funds transfer!

4. No Specific Widget boxes Required 
Now, you need not to have any special ad spaces on your blog. Infolinks relates the targeted keywords with its ads and then automatically links your keywords to the most suitable ad. It just looks like a normal links.. When a user hovers his mouse over that keyword, the ad pop ups and you get commission for the clicks and views. It also offers 3 more types of Ads. So, keep reading!

Types of Ads They Offer 

As I mentioned earlier they deliver 4 types of advertising products to overcome banner blindness and improve user engagement. Here they are :-

1) In-text Ad

In-text advertising is the most popular advertising nowadays. What infolinks does is that it hyperlinks the keywords on your blog with the most suitable Ads. When a user hovers his mouse over that hyperlink, you get money for the views and clicks.

The ad units are fully customizable; you can select your own Colors, No. of intext hyperlinks, etc. for boosting your conversion rate.

2) In-fold

In-fold is considered to be the most converting ad units of infolinks. Infolinks displays the popping ad units related to the keywords in your post and according to the queries that the user is searching. It’s completely an UNOBSTRUCTIVE ad unit for publishers.

It is a popping and floating banner from the below of your blog which tends to decrease your bounce rate and and improve your ranking in the SERP’s. It is perfect ad unit to improve user engagement on your blog.

3) In-Frame

The most user engaging ad unit for your blog. You might have noticed that there may be some unused margins on your webpage. Infolinks utilizes that unused margins to display floating ad banners to improve engagement on your blog.

4) In-Tag

In-Tag analyses the top keywords on your page and display suitable ads related to that keywords in the form of an enticing tag cloud.

You can also create your custom tag cloud to increase average spent time on your page.

Minimum Payout: 
The minimum amount require to cash-out your earnings on Infolinks is 50$, which is little high but since Infolinks offers high eCPM rates, so, you can easily earn that total even if you are a small publisher.

Payment Options: 
Infolinks offers various payment options to its publishers, which are – PayPal, Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card, Wire Transfer and eCheck/Local Bank Transfer.

Payment Frequency:
Infolinks pays its publishers “within 45 days” of request. Typically all payment request are made automatically on 1st of every month, so, if a publisher has reached his/her minimum payout in this month then his/her payment request will be automatically made on the 1st of next month and he/she will be paid within next 45 days.

Stats Reporting System:
Infolinks offers a good reporting system to its users which shows detailed stats of your ads performance. It also offers some filters that you can use to breakdown your report by date, time etc. The only con in their reporting system is, it doesn’t show real time stats. Infolinks stats updates on daily basis, so, you have to wait for a day to see your stats changing.

Referral Program:  
Infolinks referral program offers you to make 10% of earning for one year from any publisher that you refer. 

Tips to increase Infolinks earnings as per my experience 

1. Two Colors will work better.
Ad color is very important to get good CTR. You can try two colors to test and settle with the best result color.

  • a) Blue ad color
If you are not happy with the first option, then change the ad color to blue. This will work with any blog theme. Blue is the common link color on internet and everyone used to that. You can get possible good number of clinks on blue color link ads, which will increase the CTR and Infolinks earnings.

  • a) Blog links color 
Change the ad color to your blog’s link color. Definitely this will confuse your readers, at the same time increase the CTR. So, you must decide which one is important and work according to it.

2. Dotted Line 
I was using dotted line and pretty happy with the performance. Recently, Infolinks suggested for double line ads, so they can publish high paying ads. I’m not sure how much its true. I tried it for 10 days, unfortunately, it did not work for me. Again I changed to dotted line, then my Infolinks earnings started to grow.

3. Proper Category 

Select the proper category related to your blog content, this will help to display very related and interested ads for your readers. It helps to get high payout ads and increase the CTR.

4. Related Tags 
This point must increase Infolinks earnings very well. Infolinks study says, 30% revenue improvement possible by related tags above the fold on each post. I don’t use this on my blog, because I’m focusing on Google adsense above the fold, which is performing well. I do not want to add Infolinks related tags and confuse my readers or take away adsense clicks.

5. Number of Ads 
Do not set it either very less or high numbers. If you have long articles then less number of ads will not cover the whole post. On other hand small posts will irritate your readers with high number of ads. Also, setting up maximum number of ads will reduce the eCPM by displaying low quality ads, where you will be wasting your CTR. If you like to set maximum number of ads, then write keyword rich long articles.

6. Organic Traffic 
This is not only for Infolinks, but for all ad networks. Who clicks the ads on a website?, Mostly its a new visitor who comes via search engines. Concentrate on SEO, unique and new contents to attract more search engine traffic to increase Infolinks earnings. In my experience Infolinks is the best in-text ad network. Good support and payments on time. Using Infolinks with Google adsense will return decent monthly blog income.

7. Write Keyword Rich Posts 
When your posts are having rich keywords related to your blog category, then possibly you will get high paying ads.

8. Do not display ads in Header, Sidebar and Footer 
Since you don’t have control on ad locations, this feature helps to stop displaying ads on header, sidebar and footer texts. To get high CTR and increase Infolinks earnings, it’s always better to display ads in post content only. The users will be concentrating on this area initially. Add the below codes at the top and bottom of each wordpress element. Above code in wordpress theme file will display ads on specific area only. 

A Short Setup Guide To Get Started With Infolinks

Step 1: Visit Infolinks and hit the “Join Us” button flaunting in the upper right corner. Now, fill up the basic details like Your website URL, Create username and password etc. They will review your application and will let you know about it within 24 hrs.

Step 2: If your application gets approved , now you just need to visit your dashboard and create ads. After logging in click on “Integrate” . It offers integration facility for all the major 4 CMS.. WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla.

If you are a wordpress user, then you can simply integrate using a plugin.

Step 3: Now, its time to create ad units and monetize your blog. Just visit your infolinks dashboard and hit the “customize” button.

Now, you can easily create various ad units with your own custom styles.

                                           Thinking of Joining This Network

Infolinks Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPMCPCCPAIn-Text
Ad Formats:In-Text, In-Tag, In-Fold, In-Frame, In-Screen, In-Article
Minimum Payout:$50
Payment Frequency:Within 45 days
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Local Bank Transfer
Network Popularity:High
Requirement/Restrictions: For more info see their terms.
Website URL:http://infolinks.com

Final Words… 

So, now you need not to worry if your Adsense application gets disapproved. Infolinks is the best adsense alternative for surviving in the industry which guarantees you to deliver maximum returns for your advertisements. So, what are you waiting for?

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