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Linkshrink Review - Make Money with Linkshrink

LinkShrink is a CPM model based URL shortener website. It was started in 2014 and after making some necessary changes in initial stages it has now become one of the very stable ad network. As it is a URL shortener website, so, it pays its publishers for shortening and sharing their links on internet.

LinkShrink was started 4 years back in beta phase and in a very quick succession of time it had gained popularity among both publishers and advertisers. The reason behind its popularity is its quality service and competitive rates. LinkShrink provides all the necessary facilities that we expect from a URL shortener website. Some things that i like about LinkShrink are – its decent CPM rates, minimum payout, nice and quick support, limited but good tools. I have always been in touch with the LinkShrink team from the start of this network, so, i can say that their staff is very responsive and they are always ready to reply on queries. From the start, this network seemed to be promising and its team was working hard to build a good reputation in the market.

I have received couple of payments from them and all of them were on time except one payment which was delayed because some users were violating their terms, so, they were just trying to block such users for maintaining a healthy relationship with their advertisers. I contacted them regarding the delays, so, they replied me quickly and described me about the situation. Recently i have contacted their support for just thanking them for the payments as i always thank networks for sending payments to me and in reply they said they are looking to reduce the payment frequency from twice a month to weekly basis, which is a good news for LinkShrink users.

Advertisement Types: 
Like other URL shortener websites, LinkShrink also offers only interstitial ads, which are full page ads shown to the visitors whenever a shorten link is clicked.

Advertising Tools: 
LinkShrink provides some very effective tools that you can use to maximize your earnings. Tools offered by LinkShrink are:

  • Multi Shrink: Multi Shrink tool allows you to short up to 30 URL’s in one go. This is the tool of choice for the website users.
  • Quick Shrink: Quick Shrink tool allows you to create LinkShrink links on the go by using the link given to you in Quick Shrink section. This tool gives you the freedom from logging in again and again to short your link.
  • Custom Link: With this tool you can create your own custom link.
  • Website Script: Website script provides you three kinds of scripts which are, Full page script, Entry Script and Exit Script. You can use these scripts on your website to maximize your earnings as well as to get rid of logging in again and again.

Payout Rates: 
LinkShrink offers high rates for all countries. However, Payout rates differ for countries. The payout rates are dynamic and change on timely basis.

Payment Frequency:
LinkShrink now pays its publishers within 4 days of payment request.

Minimum Payout: 
The minimum payment threshold required to cash-out on LinkShrink is only 5$ that you can easily earn with LinkShrink.

Payment Methods: 
LinkShrink currently offers only two payment modes, which are PayPal and Payza.

Stats Reporting System: 
LinkShrink provides a very effective reporting system where you can see all the necessary stats of your links. LinkShrink’s reporting system shows real time stats, so, you will never have to wait for hours or a day to see your stats changing.

Referral Program: 
LinkShrink’s referral program is not good as compared to some other top URL shortener websites. If you refer publishers to LinkShrink then you will get 10% revenue share of your referred members earning for lifetime.

Sign Up And Approval: 
Since its a URL shortener website, so, it doesn’t ask publishers to have a website to register on it. The all you need is a valid email address to register an account on LinkShrink. Since, a website is not required, so, the approval is instant but you have to verify your email before you can log in to you account.

                         Thinking of Joining This Network

LinkShrink Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPMCPCURL Shortener
Ad Formats: Interstitial
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Frequency: Within 4 days of payment request
Payment Methods: PayPal, Payza
Network Popularity: High
Requirement/Restrictions: For details please read their terms.
Website URL: http://linkshrink.net

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