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Revenuehits Review - The Real Adsense Alternative and Best Ad Network to Earn Fast

If you are banned from AdSense or if your are looking for adsense alternative? than you are in right place. In this detailed guide, I am going to explain about a revenue source called that not only beats AdSense in making money but also gives you more edge in serving your audience better. This guide covers RevenueHits detailed review that talks about all benefits over AdSense, getting started, using various banner advertising formats etc. 

Although AdSense is widely used to earn with your website traffic, but it has its own pitfalls such as low earnings, getting approval, Google’s strict guidelines etc.

Why AdSense is not a good for Earn Money for bloggers?

Majority of bloggers still use AdSense as their No. 1 revenue model to earn online. Over a decade ago, AdSense was biggest money making source for most of the publishers to earning money. But now, with all updates from Google, increasing your traffic is a big deal and earning more from AdSense is almost impossible.

The major problem with AdSense is you make very little money with your blog traffic. Even though if you are getting thousands of traffic from search engines to your blog, you will hardly make $2,000 every single month.

That is major reason why all big AdSense players like Daniel Scocco, Darren Rowse from Daily Blog Tips ditched AdSense from their sites and started focusing on other revenue sources such as online courses, eBooks and affiliate marketing many more...

Why AdSense is not a good option.

  • If you are not targeting UK or UK, you are not going to earn no matter how much traffic you get!
  • The earnings are limited. You will make peanuts from AdSense. You can make more only if you are getting millions of pageviews every month which is highly unlikely unless you are good at SEO.
  • It makes your website loading time slower. Enough said!
  • People get irritated with AdSense advertising. They can easily recognize your ads and banners, hence they don not click on them. If no one clicks on your advertising, then you are not going to earn money!
  • No control over your advertisement. Most of time, AdSense ads really suck. They show totally irrelevant ads to your blog visitors so no one will be interested in clicking them.

Benefits of RevenueHits over AdSense

Here are major reasons why RevenueHits is better than AdSense.

  • Getting AdSense approval is always hard whereas your account on RevenueHits gets approved immediately.
  • You can get all your money from RevenueHits via Payoneer and PayPal which is not available in AdSense.
  • RevenueHits pays really quickly. For instance, July earnings will be paid not later than end of July. ‘Earnings’ per month are your revenues for the current period.
  • There are a lot of ad and banner ads variations to choose from RevenueHits such as Pop ups, Pop Under, Banners, Sliders etc. So the chances of making money from your website traffic are relatively high when compared to AdSense.
  • You can withdraw your money once the limit reaches 50$ in RevenueHits where you can’t withdraw your money unless you have a minimum of 100$ in your AdSense account.

How to do 10 Times Better Than AdSense?

So what can be the best AdSense alternative? And how can you make 10 times more than AdSense without increasing your current traffic?

RevenueHits is best alternative to AdSense which is widely used by bloggers to increase their overall monthly earnings from their traffic.

So what is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd,  a privately-held startup company founded in 2008. With more than 2 billion impressions per day worldwide RevenueHits is growing really strong and becoming one of the biggest contenders to AdSense.

RevenueHits is a CPA based ad network which shows ads depending on your blog traffic rather than your advertisers needs. Hence it’s easy to generate more income from your traffic when compared to AdSense.

RevenueHits is featured with Geo Targeted ad network, so it automatically adjusts ads according to your website traffic. For instance, it won’t show Indian related ads or banners to visitors coming from US!

So are you interested in knowing more about it? Let’s dive into the RevenueHits review without further ado.

How to Increase Your Monthly Income using RevenueHits?

Here’s how to get started with RevenueHits advertising network.

Step 1: Go to RevenueHits and sign up as a publisher to start making money from it (it’s free to sign up!). 

Step 2: Once you click on the “Sign Up as Publisher” button, you will be taken to the registration page where it will ask you to do three things.

  1. Site information: You have to enter either your website or app name including the URL link and description of it.
  2. Partner information: Enter the username, password and all the other details like name, phone number, Skype id etc.
  3. Billing preferences: In this tab, enter your payment preferences such as payments via PayPal, Payoneer and Wire transfer etc.
Once you fill all these three tab details and click on “Continue” button a popup will show up asking you to read the terms and conditions. Once you click on it, you are done with registration!

Now, you can log into it by entering your login credentials.

Here’s how the dashboard looks like once you logged in.

To create your first ad on RevenueHits, simply select the size of ad, copy code and paste into your blog or site where you want to place it. 

The money you earn from RevenueHits is directly depends on various banner advertising you use and the placements you select on your websites.

Tricks to Make RevenueHits eCPM Work for you?

Did you know that, few publishers who are using RevenueHits on their websites or blog make up to 30$ eCPM? You might ask, what is eCPM? eCPM is calculated by dividing total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands.

It is one of the best performance measures for various ad units, so when experimenting, you can use eCPM to compare your results. Even if you have a smaller website with limited traffic, eCPM can be really helpful for increasing your overall revenue and to track your ad performance in a better way. RevenueHits uses eCPM model, so you have higher chances of increasing your overall earnings using it.

Not only limited to bloggers

RevenueHits is not only limited for publishers such as bloggers, marketers, app developers to monetize their site traffic to increase their income but also useful for advertisers to increase their traffic from all over the globe.

This is extremely useful because RevenueHits has a global reach of around 2 billion ad impressions every day covering millions of users all over the world. You can get a lot of exposure using their advertising option.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, be it fitness, entertainment, shopping or anything that you could think of, you can use their ad network to reach millions of users worldwide.

To increase your ad revenue using RevenueHits, make the most out of best performing banners

RevenueHits offers lots of banner sizes and formats to quickly boost your earnings. Here are few banner formats currently offered by RevenueHits.

  • Pop ups/unders: Pop ups work like crazy. The can be shown to every visitor after some duration and they can boost your earnings almost immediately.
  • Text ads: As the name says, you can use your text as the contextual text ads that can be integrated on your site content to increase your click through rates and earnings.
  • XML feeds: Want to optimize your search results? Then, start using suitable XML feeds with the standard banner ads, it can really help your income grow.
  • Custom formats: You can also tweak your own customized formats along with the default banners and ad formats given by RevenueHits.
  • Apps and widgets: You can not only make more from your sites but you can also show RevenueHits ads on your and widget areas to increase your revenue.

Few questions you might have regarding RevenueHits

In this review of RevenueHits, I’ve included few frequently asked questions so you can benefit.

Why should I start using RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is the best AdSense alternative that has innovative performance based (CPA) ad system that will help you grow your online revenue. You can also monetize your sites, search, apps, widgets using their various banner ad formats.

Can I use AdSense along with the RevenueHits? 

AdSense has strict Terms & Conditions that won’t allow you to use another banner ad network to display ads on the same website. Hence, it’s not possible to use RevenueHits on your site if you are already using AdSense. But you can disable AdSense ads any time to start using RevenueHits.

RevenueHits Vs Google AdSense: which is best? 

RevenueHits is the best alternative to AdSense in every regard from payment threshold limit to getting approved to increase your overall revenue from your website traffic. Moreover RevenueHits uses advanced Geometric systems to serve your visitors with targeted ads to increase your ad click through rates instead of showing irrelevant ads like AdSense.

How can I best optimize my ads on RevenueHits to make more money? 

There are various banner formats included in RevenueHits such as contextual ads, pop ups, pop unders, apps and widget ads, XML feeds etc. If you place your ads using these various combination of ad formats, your monthly revenue would skyrocket. The money you make from RevenueHits really depends on two things: your targeted visitors and ad placement. If you drive quality and targeted visitors to your sites and place your ads at the right places, you will see boost in your earnings.

What’s the minimum threshold limit and how can I withdraw money from it? 

$50. Once you make $50 using RevenueHits, you can withdraw your money. It offers to pay on PayPal, Payoneer (Min $20) and Wire transfer ($500 and above).

Do I need any technical skills to use it? 

No, you don’t need any technical skills to start using it. Are you still wondering you need any expert skills after reading this detailed RevenueHits review? Just Sign Up, start using their banner ads on your blogs, that’s it!

Payment Proof

Final Thoughts On The Review Of RevenueHits 

In a nutshell, RevenueHits is the best performance based ad network which is also a great alternative to AdSense to make more income from your blog traffic. They also have state of the art contextual and geo targeted ad serving that enables you to quickly show better yet relevant ads to your website visitors to increase income.

If you are looking for ways to increase your monthly income without increasing your traffic, you should definitely start using RevenueHits as it’s free to sign up, instantly approval and easy to place targeted ads.

Liked this RevenueHits review? If yes, please share it with others so they can benefit. So what are you waiting for? Apply Now as the RevenueHits Publisher and start making more from your website traffic.

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